Exodus 3

Exodus 3

Read Exodus Chapter 3. After your have read the Chapter, read the passages below to help you dive deeper into the Chapter. Conclude in Prayer.

Exodus 3:1-6

THE MYSTERY OF GOD - The bush which was unsuitable even as an image of dead gods was able to depict within itself the mystery of the living God. Moses, this is a sign to you: as you saw God dwelling in the midst of fire, by fire must you serve the God who dwells in the fire. - Ephrem the Syrian 

TO ASCEND TO A HIGHER LIFE.  "When Moses had seen the bush burning and not being consumed he was astonished at the sight and said, ―I will cross over and see this sight. He certainly also did not mean that he was about to cross over some earthly space, or to ascend mountains or to descend the steep sides of valleys. The vision was near him, in his countenance and in his eyes. But he says, ―I will cross over, that he might show that he, reminded forcefully by the heavenly vision, ought to ascend to a higher life and cross over to better things than those in which he was.” - ORIGEN 

MOSES SOUGHT HIGHER THINGS. - "When Moses sought the glory of contemplation on high, he said, ―I will pass over and see this vision. For unless he had withdrawn the footsteps of his heart from love of the world, he would never have been able to understand heavenly things.” - GREGORY THE GREAT

SHOES REPRESENT WHAT IS DEAD. - "And as to shoes, let him who is about to touch the holy land which the feet of God have trodden, put them off, as Moses did upon the mount, that he may bring there nothing dead; nothing to come between man and God.” - GREGORY OF NAZIANZUS

The reality of the burning bush is truly beyond comprehension or understanding. God revealed Himself in a thorny bush, as He revealed Himself in the form of man. Thus, as we know the burning bush is a type of the glorious Incarnation. A beautiful reminder of the humility of God. We must note that the presence of God elevates. As St. Ephrem says, by fire you must serve God who dwells in the fire. It is by His Spirit that we can become fire. 

Do you believe that truly you come in touch with the Word of God, fire Himself? How do you deal with this reality?  Are you drawn like Moses, to forsake the earthly, in order to grasp the heavenly? What "shoes" (dead works) is God asking you to remove from your life so that you can approach Him? 

GOD IS THE GOD OF ALL. - "God has been recorded indeed to be the God ―of Abraham, and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. He indeed who wishes the light to belong to none other than men (because it is said, ―The life was the light of men‖)46 will think, according to this analogy, that the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob is the God of no one except these three fathers alone. But he is at least also the God of Elijah,47 and, as Judith says, the God of her father Simeon,48 and he is God of the Hebrews.49 Wherefore, according to the analogy, if nothing prevents him from being the God of others also, nothing prevents the light of men from also being the light of other creatures besides men.” - ORIGEN 

See the Beauty of our God! How He identifies himself by His loved ones. How humble of our Lord to associate himself with the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Our loving Lord would also associate himself with our name? Imagine the Lord identifies Himself by saying I am the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and You. 

Exodus 3: 7-22 

MOSES’ MODESTY - Moses said, ―Who am I to go before Pharaoh? Although I have a royal title, I will not be received by him. And now that I do the work of a simple shepherd, who will allow me to go before Pharaoh? And even if I were let in, what importance would he see in me to believe my words” - EPHREM THE SYRIAN

EVERYTHING RECEIVES ITS BEING FROM THE FATHER. - "That the activity of the Father and the Son is to be found both in saints and in sinners is clear from the fact that all ratirational beings are partakers of the word of God, that is, of reason, and so have implanted within them some seeds, as it were, of wisdom and righteousness, which is Christ. And all things that exist derive their share of being from him who truly exists, who said through Moses, ―"I am that I am"; which participation in God the Father extends to all, both righteous and sinners, rational and irrational creatures and absolutely everything that exists.” ORIGEN

I AM WHO I AM CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD. - "Perhaps it was hard even for Moses himself, as it is much also for us, and much more for us, to understand what was said, ―I am who I am and ―He who is has sent me to you. And if by chance Moses understood, when would they to whom he was being sent understand? Therefore the Lord put aside what man could not grasp and added what he could grasp. For he added and said, ―I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. This you can grasp. But what mind can grasp, ―I am who I am?” - AUGUSTINE

Who am I? This is an important question that we must know the answer too. On our own, we would scream the same words as Moses did. Yet, we are not on our own. We have been born in Christ. We have been given His Spirit. We are called for His purpose. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in Me. 

Heavenly Father, I Thank You for You have always remembered Your beloved. You identify Yourself as being the God of those who love You. I think You Father, for the incarnation of your Son. I thank You for your adoption of me. I thank You for giving me the identity of Your Son, and for the indwelling of Your Spirit. I pray Lord that I can always be confirmed and certain of this identity. I pray that I can always remember who You Are, and who I am in You. Amen.