Exodus Chapter 11

Exodus Chapter 11

Read Exodus Chapter 11. After you have read the chapter, read the passages below to help you dive deeper into the Chapter.  Conclude in Prayer. 

Exodus 11: 1-10

The Lord tells Moses to tell the Israelites to ask for articles off silver and gold from the Egyptians. See how just the Lord is? The people of Israel had been oppressed by the Egyptian. Had worked without pay. They were abused in their work and defrauded in their payment. They were often sent away empty. Yet the Lord would not let them leave empty. 

Gregory of Nazianzus says “You did suffer wrong there while you were fighting with the clay (that is, this troublesome and filthy body) and were building cities foreign and unsafe, whose memorial perishes with a cry. What then? Do you come out for nothing and without wages? But why will you leave to the Egyptians and to the powers of your adversaries that which they have gained by wickedness and will spend with yet greater wickedness? It does not belong to them. They have ravished it and have sacrilegiously taken it as plunder from him who says, ―The silver is mine and the gold is mine, and I give it to whom I will. Yesterday it was theirs, for it was permitted to be so. Today the master takes it and gives it to you that you may make a good and saving use of it.

God himself disposed the hearts of the Egyptians towards Israel. Also Moses was "very great" in the land of Egypt and in the sight of the Egyptians. This was not just based on Moses personal qualifications, or his reputation with the magicians, the officials or even Pharoah himself. The people of Egypt came to realize that God was with Moses and with his people. Thus a huge outpouring of generosity occurred. All the people had to do was ask, and the Egyptians gave them gladly, ready to acknowledge that they had mistreated the people of God. 

The death of the first born was actually the first plague threatened to Pharoah back in Exodus 4:23. Yet God did not strike the first born first, but rather gave Pharoah several opportunities before following through on this threat which he first threatened.  If the death of the cattle would have humbled Pharoah, the first born would not have died. Yet, it did not and so God executed on this threat. It is said that Moses departed from the face of Pharoah angry after delivering this message. See how good the heart of Moses was. His anger was due to Pharoah's unwillingness to humble himself and let the people go. Truly, we as good servants should also suffer a holy indignation at the hears that do not turn to the lord and remain deaf to the warnings of the Lord. 

Heavenly Father, how Your heart must heart when You see Your people dealt with unjustly. You, being the just judge, are patient towards doling out retribution, waiting patiently for all hearts to repent. We thank You Father for Your longsuffering heart, Your mercy, Your compassion and Your justice. Though we face tribulation in the world, we know you have overcome the world. We trust that in the end of days all will say that you dealt justly with us. We turn our hearts towards you, repenting for our sins, and preparing our hearts for the second coming of Your Son.  May You Come Soon Lord Jesus. Amen.