Holy Week In Heaven

Holy Week In Heaven

The Second Heaven is open for personal retreats (individuals who would like to spend quiet time with the Lord and in prayers) in the weekends of April 12 and May 9. Holy Week will be also celebrated in Second Heaven from Palm Sunday evening till end of Good Friday. You can spend the entire Holy Week as a retreat and you can have your family with you (Spring Break). Please visit www.TheSecondHeaven.org for more details.

Palm Sunday 4/13 - Good Friday 4/18

“Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore.” Hebrews 13:13

Can you leave everything for 5 days to stay at the feet of the Cross and join Christ in His Passions?

You are invited to experience Holy Week in a new way. Come spend it in the Second Heaven and Concord Retreat Center

Adults Per Day

+ Dorm style lodging $36 per person per day with 2 meals
+ Hotel style lodging $ 48 per person per day with 2 meals

Families with Children Per Day

+ $85 (for family of 4) per day for lodging with 2 meals

5 Days Including 2 Meals Per Day

+ $150 for Dorm style,
+ $200 for hotel style
+ $360 for families of 4

Day use $10 per day plus $8.50 per meal - All people need to reserve even people who will come for only a day. Space is very limited and it will be on first come first serve.

Local visitors who are coming only for prayers are welcomed for free

For reservation go to www.TheSecondHeaven.org/programs/reservations/

Concord Retreat is located one and half hour from the Church In the West Virginia mountainous beauty.  For more info, please visit www.TheSecondHeaven.org

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