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  • The Choir Ministry

    St Mark's arabic choir will have specific service after the second liturgy 11/22/15 for Thanksgiving  and the upcoming advent season.

  • College Winter Retreat

    The college winter retreat will be at the Highland Retreat Center with Abouna Bishoy from December 18th - 20th. Sign up today before price goes up!  Here is the link to sign up:  

  • Obama Care Health: Information Session

    The social work ministry is hosting its annual Obama Care health insurance information session and workshop on Sunday 6 December at 12:30 PM in the church basement. Professional navigators will come in to help those interested in applying during this open season period and counsel anyone already on the plan but has issues with it. More information and a list of documents applicants need to bring on the session day are available at the front desk.

  • Family & Marriage counselor: Dr Yousry Armanios

    Dr Yousry Armanios; a family and marriage counselor is visiting St. Mark Church of Washington DC. For Appointments, Please contact Pastoral Care Office at or call 703-591-4444 Ext 400.

  • High School Winter Retreats!!!

    Both retreats will be at the Highland Retreat Center, and the Early Bird price is $75. This price expires Sunday, so sign up today! If you need any help registering, please email

  • Spiritual Preparation Retreat

    Dear Friends, We hope that you are having a blessed time during this divine season, in which God lovingly declares to us how and in what ways He wants to come and reign within us, freeing us from the rule of the enemy. As we are embarking on the second season of the divine calendar, we here at Concord Retreat want to begin fulfilling God’s vision for the place. For this coming Advent season, we will be holding a Spiritual preparation retreat on November 20th and 21st.

  • Thanksgiving Family Retreat

    Strong Families are founded on Faith, Joined in Love and Forgiveness. Lead your Family in Faith. Model Faith for your children.

  • The Life of David - from Shepherd to King


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