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  • Transportation services to Kiahk praises

    Dear St. Mark Family, Peace and Grace!  We hope each of you is benefiting from a fruitful Advent Fast!

  • Coptic Treasures Christmas Performance and Celebration!

    Please join us as we conclude this semester with CHRIST-mas-spirited performance from our Coptic Treasures children! If your child is enrolled in Coptic Treasures, please have them practice their hymns one last time and can find audio and other resources at

  • Kiahk Praises

    During the last month of Advent fast (Month of Kiahk), the church holds a very special vigil and praises ever Saturday from 7 - 11pm. This will take place on Saturdays December 13, 20, 27 and January 3. These praises are very special; they are soul-refreshing, vibrant and joyful.

  • rePurposed: Finding the Real Purpose for Giving

    An act of giving with the right purpose can change lives! Join us THIS Sunday for a new Light & Life series on the Real and Godly purpose of giving. Everyone gets kinder and more generous around this time of the year - whether its because you're in the spirit of Christmas or trying to catch-up on your tax deductions.

  • New Job Posting

    St. Mark’s Church is looking for a new Business Administrator! The Administrator is responsible for overseeing all administrative functions for the Church, including finances and operations.

  • YAM Winter Retreat

    The YAM Winter Retreat is upon us. Every year this retreat proves to be a time of spiritual growth and greater fellowship for the YAM Community. You do not want to miss it.

  • Shop with Scrip

    HAVE YOU TRIED SCRIP YET? It’s fast, easy way to shop for the holidays and donate to the school simultaneously! Basically it allows a person to raise funds by using gift cards instead of cash or check to buy what you would normally purchase.

  • Christmas Bazaar- Little Flock Christian School

    Christmas Bazaar- Little Flock Christian School welcomes our St. Mark families to our first LFCS Christmas Bazaar on December 11 from 5-8 pm. This is a school fundraiser as we join in fellowship to celebrate the Christmas season.

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