Passion Retreat

The 2013 Graduate Retreat will be held on April 5-7, 2013 at Sandy Cove Retreat Center in North East, MD.  Click here for Map and Directions to Sandy Cove. As you know, this retreat offers you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ and is a time of true fellowship with Orthodox Christians from all around the world. The retreat is under the supervision and guidance of HG Bishop David and we will be blessed with our very own Fr. Bishoy and Fr. Paul. This year's retreat will be much smaller and will be more introspective, so register before it sells out!

Registration Rates

With Lodging:  
Jan 19 - Feb 9: $199
Feb 10 - Mar 9: $229
Mar 10 - Mar 27: $279

Passion Retreat is SOLD OUT!
Due to strict fire code regulations at Sandy Cove, unregistered attendees will not be allowed to register and will not be able to attend any part of retreat.  Please do not attempt to come if you are not registered.  Thank you for your understanding - we hope to see you at future retreats!


We are pleased to announce this year's theme: The Peak of Our Purpose.

Watch this video as Father Bishoy explains this year's theme:


2:00 PM – Registration Opens
4:00 PM – Introduction and Icebreaker
4:30 PM – Session 1
5:30 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Session 2  
8:30 PM – Quiet Time and Reflection 1
9:30 PM – Free Time
10:30 PM – Midnight Praises
12 midnight – Good Night

8:00 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Agpeya Prayers
9:30 AM – Session 3
11:00 AM – Quiet Time and Reflection 2
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Session 4  
2:30 PM – Prayer Meeting
3:30 PM – Free Time
5:30 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Session 5
8:30 PM – Quiet Time and Reflection 3
9:30 PM – Asheya & Tasbeha
12 midnight – Good Night

8:00 AM – Divine Liturgy
11:00 AM – Lunch  
12:00 PM – CHECK OUT
12:30 PM – Session 6/Q&A
2:00 PM – Wrap Up and Depart


In order to maintain the spirit of the retreat, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page with what we expect from each other. Basically there are two main goals to this retreat, in no particular order, and that is, to take a good dose of reviving spiritual goodness and to have a good old time with each other. So with that in mind, we ask that each of us take a look at the following list of expectations and keep them in mind for the days we spend together.

  • Age: You must be at least 21 years old by the first day of the retreat in order to attend.
  • Let's go: We will be starting early the year, please plan on being at theretreat centerby 2 pm. We understand that some of you may have to take off early from work, but please do what you need to do to be on time. If you really want to benefit and grow from this retreat, you must be willing to make a sacrifice. If you are not willing to make this sacrifice, then please do not sign up for the retreat.
  • Are we there yet?: Also, we ask that everyone stick around till the very end. Nobody likes those who sneak out of something early! The retreat will conclude at 2 pm on Sunday.
  • Sticking together: We want to do everything together in one unity at the retreat. Therefore, when it is time for a talk or discussion or Liturgy, we ask that you be there on time. Everyone should participate in all the sessions of the retreat.And relax free time is a given at these retreats. The schedule has been planned carefully as to give enough time for discussion, talks, and free time, meals: other people have worried about this stuff so you don't have to!
  • Rise and shine, sunshine: Just so there are no surprises: everyone will be up and participating by 8:00 am each morning. And if you're not a morning person, you will be for this weekend. Remember we don't want to waste time!!!! P.S. We are adults, so there is no curfew. The only rule is that the common areas of the retreat center be cleared on both nights by midnight. Fair?
  • What to bring?: Bible, Agpeya, personal toiletries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are children allowed on the retreat? We cannot accommodate children on this retreat. No one under the age of 21 years is allowed to attend.
  2. How is rooming handled in the lodge? You will be assigned to a room in the lodge with 3-5 other people. You are able to request up to 3 roommates at the time of registration, we will do our best to accommodate all requests.
  3. Can married couples room together? Unfortunately, married couples are not able to room together in the lodge. 
  4. Is transportation provided? Transportation is not provided.We recommend renting a car – Enterprise has good weekend rental deals. Please go to for more details. We also have a forum at the bottom of this page for people to request or offer rides.
  5. Can I switch my registration with someone else? Due to the high demand of the retreat, we cannot allow switching registrations. All attendees will be asked to show identification upon entering the retreat center.
  6. What is the cancellation policy? We do not offer full refunds for retreat cancellation. To receive a 75% refund, we must be notified on or before February 28. Refunds after February 28 but on or before March 27 will be refunded 50% of retreat cost. There are no refunds after March 27.
  7. What are the closest airports? BWI is closest to the retreat center.
  8. Can I come only for one day? We do not recommend coming only for the day (see expectations above), but if you decide to come, the full rate will apply.
  9. I have a question that isn't answered here? Please submit a question on the left side of this page.