Social Services

Purpose and Objective:

The purpose of the Social Services Ministry is to provide new comers and other Church members with the level of services needed to facilitate their settlement and integration into the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Services provided by the Ministry includes but not limited to: legal, economic/financial, medical, consulate issues, counseling, education, housing, supplies of needed household items, clothing, transportation, recommendation and referrals, etc. The objective of the Ministry is to make the transition from Egypt to the United States is accomplished in an orderly and less painful manner.

Eligibility Criteria:

Services provided by the St. Mark Social Services Ministry are extended to individuals and families who are incapable of helping themselves or unable to identify resources that provide the services needed. The Ministry will thoroughly review all requests for assistance to determine the eligibility and refer the request to the appropriate coordinator for the services requested.

You can download the eligibility form by clicking here.  (the link opens in a new window). You can also pick one up from the reception desk at St. Mark's. Please return this form to the reception desk when you've completed filling it out.

Scope of Services:

The following list of services is not by any means complete and will be subject to revisions. We will identify the focal point for each service listed and will encourage volunteers to join and assist in the provision of services.
Informal Work for Income Generation:
Initial Monetary Support:
Translation Services to Medical and legal Issues:
Housing and Shelters:
Identifying Educational Institutions for the Youngsters:
Provision of Free Medical Services:
Learning English:
Career Counseling and Business Advisory:
Legal Support in Case of issues with the Law:
Guidance on Banking and Financial Transactions:
Tutoring for Youngsters needed Special Help:
Group Counseling on Family Issues:
Specialized Family Therapy Sessions:
Facing the Culture Gap:
Political Rights and Obligations:
Adult Social Services:
Provision of Household Items:
Food Stamps:
County Financial Assistance:
Supplemental Security Income:
Senior Citizens Services:

Revised: 11/10/2011