"The Second Heaven" and "Concord Retreat"

"The Second Heaven" and "Concord Retreat"

On New Year's Eve we presented a big blessing that God gifted our church with - a retreat place of our very own! This place is named Concord and is located in West Virginia. It is approximately one and half hours away and is to be used for group retreats as well as personal retreats. Here’s the video for the presentation.



To support this project and its renovation, please make a donation at St. Mark’s church with the following note: “Second Heaven”. You can also donate directly at the following link (please make sure that this donation doesn’t affect your support to St. Mark’s): http://www.thesecondheaven.org/donations/

This is a letter from the church's board letting the church collect donations and funds on behalf of the new organization "Come and See".

Come See Letter