Pascha Week Services & Locations

Pascha Week Services & Locations

Dear Family of St. Mark’s,

We hope you are having a blessed Lent and Holy Week to come!

As we approach the peak of spirituality in the year that is Holy Week, the church would like to make sure that you get the most out of it. In order for this to happen, we have taken the following steps:


As we did in the past few years, we will be having an extra location to pray the services of Holy Week as the church capacity doesn't accommodate our big church family size.

This year, we will pray the big three days of Holy Week in 2 hotels located near church:

  • Palm Sunday and Good Friday - We will use Westfield Marriott hotel located at 1 4750 Conference Center Drive Chantilly, VA 20151 
  • Easter night - We will use Fair Oaks Marriott hotel located at 11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway Fairfax, VA 22033 

The hours of prayer for each location can be found on our calendar here.


As you know, we are blessed with the visit of His Grace Bishop Martyrous from Egypt who is helping us during Holy Week and will primarily be praying in Arabic. Therefore, we wanted to inform you on which services will be entirely in English and which will be a mix of English and Arabic.

Palm Sunday

Westfield Marriott - His Grace will be praying in Westfield Marriott and the service will mostly be in Arabic
St. Mark's Church - The service at St. Mark's will mostly be in English

Pascha Week - Morning

St. Mark's Church - The services will mostly be in English

Pascha Week - Evening

St. Mark's Gym - The service in the gym will be in English
St. Mark's Sanctuary - The service in the sanctuary will be mostly Arabic and the sermon will be in Arabic

Holy Thursday

St. Mark's Gym - The service in the gym will be in English
St. Mark's Sanctuary - The service at the sanctuary will be mostly in Arabic

Good Friday

Westfield Marriott - His Grace will pray at Westfield Marriott and the prayer will be a mix but the sermon will be in Arabic
St. Mark's Church - The service at St. Mark's will mostly be in English

Bright Saturday

St. Mark's Gym & Sanctuary - We will have 2 services going on in the sanctuary and gym. One will be entirely in English and the second will be in Arabic. Please check on the day of the event

Easter Liturgy

Fair Oaks Marriott - The service at Fair Oaks will be mostly in English
St. Mark's Church - His Grace will be praying at Church and the service will be a mix


There are good spiritual books to help you get in the mood for Holy Week. Some can explain the order and spirituality of Holy Week and some can give you great meditations on the events. Please check out this link


We encourage you to follow the readings during Holy Week as we have a lot of them! The readings will keep our mind and heart with Christ during His passion. You can find the book of readings in the church's bookstore. If you are using a tablet, you can find Coptic Reader App on this link


Holy Week this year falls in Spring break for most schools. This is a chance for children and youth to experience this blessed week. When children come to church, have them sit next to you. Let them follow along the readings with little explanation. Give them some incentives to attend the service till the end without getting out. Encourage them to participate in the praises and they will end up loving it.


Babysitting - Babysitting will be available for children under 3 years of age at St. Mark's Church during evening Pascha services starting Monday from 6 to 8:15pm. Babysitting is offered on first come first served basis, with a limit of 12 children. Cost is $5 per child.

Parking – The parking team will be managing the parking lot on Good Friday and Easter Eve at St. Mark’s Church with the help of Fairfax County Police. Please do your absolute best to cooperate with them as they aim to get everyone parked and inside the Church as quickly as possible.

Sanctuary Capacity & Hotel Option - We will do our best to fit as many people into St. Mark's sanctuary during Holy Week. However, we cannot violate Fairfax County Fire Codes. The gym will be available with streaming and ushers and deacons, as overflow space, and the social hall will be available families with little children. Also, if you can’t arrive early to St. Mark’s Church – or choose not to sit in the gym – we ask you to consider the hotel option as it quite spacious and can accommodate over 600 people!

Usher Meeting – If you’re interested in volunteering with the ushers during Holy Week, there will be a mandatory meeting at 12:30 at St. Mark’s Church (following the general funeral).

Have a blessed Pascha and Glorious resurrection!

Download Flyer - Pascha Week Schedule 2014 Hotel Services